Rockabilly Babe – “Stand and Deliver” editorial – Freja Beha Erichsen by Boo George in Twin F/W 2009

FrejaBeha, model of every moment, reveals her rock’n’roll nature in the editorial from Twin F/W 2009. The stylist GilliamWilkins draws tough, rebellious, androgynous picture of Freja. The photographer Boo George captured the model in quite rockabilly hairstyle and armored in leather clothing. I have to admit that this photoshoot is one of my favorite editorials depicting leather statement because of the authenticity of the leather nature. What is more the dark, industrial interiors sharpen the edgy vibe. Freja seems to be a perfect choice, as she prefers such style on a daily basis. That is why there is no posing and you can clearly notice unconstrained, quite rebellious attitude of Freja.  Despite the fact that editorial “Stand and Deliver” is from 2009, the photographs do not look like terminated because of the versatility of the leather garment and amazing modeling feature as Freja represents.